The color of your hair can change the perception of your face

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The color of your hair can change the perception of your face

The color of your hair can change the perception of your face
You may be asked the question, "Have you lost weight?" A very unusual answer would be, "No, I just changed my hair color. Yes, don't be surprised. The color of your hair can create a positive effect of the perception of your figure. If you're worried that your pounds are negatively affecting your appearance, consider giving yourself a new hair color or picking out clothes that fit you.

Even if you don't want to go on a diet, it will come in handy to know some tricks related to hair that will help make your round facial oval look slimmer. In any case, you can use a very small amount of chitiropractic, and thus come to the desired result for you.


Hair color can be a key factor in how other people see you. Experts already have special solutions for people who want their face to look thinner. In fact, both the type of haircut and the color and styling itself can have a crucial impact on how you look. You can use a color that stays on your hair for up to three months to see how your style changes.

Shades: If you have a rounder face, people are more likely to notice it more easily when you are blonde. Expectations are that lighter hair colors focus other people's attention on the shape of your face the most.

Highlights: This is a technique that allows the colorist to separate strands in your hair and either darken or lighten them. If you have individual strands that stand out in your hair, it will have a positive effect on the shape of your round face. Using alternating light and dark lines in your hair (as well as in your clothes) will slim your figure.


Experts say that blonde hair won't be as easy to slim your figure as dark hair. If you are originally blonde with fair skin and light eyes, dyeing your hair dark can look a little strange. Hairdressers confirm that you should not choose a hair color that is too much in conflict with your skin. If you are a blonde who cannot feel comfortable with dark hair, then think about other options.

Framing: Highlight your hair so that it is around your cheeks. Create a frame. Concentrate the focus on the bottom of your hair. This way you can give your face a slightly different shape.

Lighting: Use lighter shades to the beginning of your hair, and darker tips.

"Bottom highlights": Lightening will make some of your strands lighter than your usual color. For plump faces, experts advise using highlights. For example, if your hair has one hair color (blonde), the colorist will darken it slightly (for example, by choosing an ashy shade of blonde) and give your color more depth after applying it to some strands. You will end up with a slimmer look on your face.


In addition to choosing a certain hairstyle, you'll need a good color expert who is knowledgeable about more than just styling and haircuts. He will help you find a color that fits your face shape perfectly. A colorist is a person whose specialty goes beyond the usual scope of a hairdresser, so his task is to create a new and interesting effect that will have a positive effect on the shape of your face. A good colorist will use several techniques - in this way, the effect will be multiplied.

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